Melksham Rock 'n Roll Club was started by Geoff in 2001 and he was joined by Rich in 2002.  Since then we have built a reputation as a friendly, welcoming, club with top bands from the popular club circuit plus regular DJ's to play the music you like.  Sadly, Rich left at the end of 2015  but he will pop up in the audience from time to time with his wife Maria and I'd like to thank them both for there help over the years with the website and looking after the finances

listed below is a full history and gig list for the club:



Saturday 25th May                    The Revolutionaires (app 85)

Saturday 27th April                  Delray Rockets (app 114)

Saturday 23rd March               Rockin' The Joint (app 108)

Saturday 24th February          The Fabulous '59 Ford (app 92)

Saturday 27th January            Bo Walton & Red Alert (app 143)


Saturday 16th December        Rock Back The Clock (app 90)

Saturday 25th November        The Heartbeats (app 76)

Saturday 21st October           Colin Paul & The Persuaders (app 120)

Saturday 23rd September     The Meekats  (app 91)

Saturday 19th August            Rip It Up (app 106)

Saturday 22nd July                The Accidents (app 75)

Saturday 24th June               The Strollers (app 102)

Saturday 20th May                The Hi Fi's (app 57)

Saturday 22nd April              Fireballs UK (app 135)

Saturday 25th March            Tequila Slammers (app 127)

Saturday 25th February       Mickey Ace & The Wildcards (app 116)

Saturday 28th January         The Rads (app 104)


Saturday 17th December           The Rock-A-Toons (app 76)

Saturday 26th November           Delray Rockets (app 110)

Saturday 22nd October             Glenn Darren & The Krewkatz  (app 80)

Saturday 24th September         The Rat Pack (app 52)

Saturday 20th August                Vintage (app 120)

Saturday 23rd July                    Bo Walton & Red Alert (app 150)

Saturday 25th June                   Shane & The Korrados (app 90)

Saturday 23rd April                  The Zodiacs (app 75)

Saturday 26th March                Rockin 'Em (app 80)

Saturday 26th February          Jive Street  (app 120)

Saturday 22nd January           Haney's Big House (app 80)


Saturday 18th December        The Firebirds  (app 84)

Saturday 20th November        The Catfish Kings (app 62)

Saturday 23rd October           Jon Clare & The Fabulous Dough Boys (app 97)

Saturday 25th September      Johnnie Fox & The Hunters (app 73)

Saturday 21st August             Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight (app 101)

Saturday 24th July                  The Unconditionals (app 75)

Saturday 26th June                The Heartbeats (Cancelled)

Saturday 22nd May                The Rock-A-Toons  (Cancelled)

Saturday 24th April                The Hi-Fi's  (Cancelled)     

Saturday 27th March              Haney's Big House  (Cancelled)

Saturday 27th February         The Zodiacs (Cancelled)

Saturday 23rd January          The Smokin' Hotshots (Cancelled)


Saturday 19th December      Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires (att 38)

Saturday 21st November      Glenn Darren & The Krew katz (Cancelled)

Saturday 24th October         The Zodiacs (Cancelled)

Saturday 19th September    Lucas & The Dynamos (Cancelled)

Saturday 22nd August          The Tequila Slammers (Cancelled)

Saturday 25th July                Vintage (Cancelled)

Saturday 20th June               The Strollers (Cancelled)

Saturday 23rd May                Shane & The Korrados (Cancelled)

Saturday 18th April               The Rat Pack (Cancelled)

Saturday 28th March             Rockin 'em (Cancelled)

Saturday 22nd February      The Roosters (att approx 107)

Saturday 25th January         Bo Walton & Red Alert (att approx 177)


Saturday 14th December     Rock Back The Clock (att approx 94)

Saturday 23rd November     The Accidents (att approx 102)

Saturday 19th October         Colin Paul & The Persuaders (att approx 115)

Saturday 21st September    The Jets (att approx 125)

Saturday 24th August           Jack & The Real Deals (att approx 61)

Saturday 27th July                The Smokin' Hotshots (att approx 98)

Saturday 22nd June              The Revolutionaires (att approx 118)

Saturday 25th May                 Memphis Lee & The Creepers (att approx 87)

Saturday 27th April               The Delray Rockets (att approx 112)

Saturday 23rd March            Greggi G & His Crazy Gang (att approx 99)

Saturday 23rd February       The Flatcaps (att approx 98)

Saturday 26th January         Shane & The Korrados (att approx 93)


Saturday 22nd December    The Downtown Daddyo's (att approx 113)

Saturday 24th November     The Heartbeats (att approx 113)

Saturday 20th October        Bo Walton & Red Alert (att approx 150)

Saturday 15th September   The Strollers (att approx 74)

Saturday 18th August          Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires (att approx 60)

Saturday 21st July               Rockin' The Joint (att approx 114)

Saturday 30th June              Eddie Martin & His Rhythm Cruisers  (att approx 75)

Saturday 19th May               The Bobcats  (att approx 111)       

Saturday 28th April            Jon Clare & The Fabulous Dough Boys (att approx 120)

Saturday 24th March         Glenn Darren & The Krewkats (att approx 92)

Saturday 24th February    Rockin 'Em (att approx 87)

Saturday 27th January     The Meekats (att approx 108)


Saturday 16th Dec 2017     Class Of 58 (att approx 91)

Saturday 18th Nov 2017     The Kingcats (att approx 111)

Saturday 21st Oct 2017      Catfish Kings (Att approx 49)

Saturday 23rd Sept 2017    Vintage (Att approx 84)

Saturday 19th Aug 2017      Ronnie & The Reverbs (Att approx 90)

Saturday 22nd July 2017     The Alleycats (Att approx 80)

Saturday 17th June 2017     Rock Back The Clock (Att approx 90)

Saturday 20th May 2017      The Roosters (Att approx 70)

Saturday 29th April 2017    Rockin' The Joint (Att approx 100)

Saturday 25th March 2017   This Little Girl & The Dillicats (Att approx 100)

Saturday 25th Feb 2017      The Delray Rockets (Att approx 100)

Saturday 28th Jan 2017       Greggi G & His Crazy Gang (Att approx 75)


Saturday 17th Dec 2016      The Rock-A-Toons (Att approx 100)

Saturday 26th Nov 2016      Josie & The Outlaw (Att approx 70)

Saturday  22nd Oct 2016        The TT's (Att approx 58)

Saturday 24th Sep 2016     Joey & The Jivers (Att approx 65)

Saturday 20th Aug 2016     Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires (Att approx 90)

Saturday 30th July 2016    The Wildkatz (Att approx 121)

Saturday 25th June 2016   The Fabulous Dough Boys (Att approx 85)

Saturday 28th May 2016    The Stingrays (Att approx 105)

Saturday 30th Apr 2016     Play It Cool (Att approx 67)

Saturday 26th Mar 2016     This Little Girl & The Dillicats (Att approx 83)

Saturday 27th Feb 2016     Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 91)

Saturday 30th Jan 2016     Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight (Att approx 111)


Saturday 19th Dec 2015     Downtown Daddyo's (Att approx 100)

Saturday 21st Nov 2015     Charlie Gracie & Class of '58 (Att approx 117)

Saturday 24th Oct 2015      The Unconditionals (Att approx 77)       

Saturday 26th Sep 2015     Glenn Darren & The Krewkats (Att approx 59)

       Saturday 22nd Aug 2015     Shindig (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 18th July 2015     The Meekats (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 20th June 2015    Johnny & The Jailbirds (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 23rd May 2015     Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 100)

       Friday 17th April 2015         The Alleycats (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 21st Mar 2015      Catfish Kings (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 21st Feb 2015       Memphis Riders (Att approx 90)

       Saturday 24th Jan 2015       Greggi G & The Crazy Gang (Att approx 60)


       Saturday 20th Dec 2014      The Alligators (Att approx 90)

       Saturday 22nd Nov 2014      Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 127)

       Saturday 25th Oct 2014        Sandy Ford's Flying Saucers (Att approx 105)

       Saturday 27th Sept 2014      The Heartbeats (Att approx xxx)

       Saturday 23rd Aug 2014       Memphis Jacks (Att approx xxx)

       Saturday 26th July 2014       The Kingcats (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 28th June 2014      Rock Back the Clock (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 24th May 2014        Mike & The Rhythm Stars (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 26th Apr 2014        The Earl Jackson 4 (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 29th Mar 2014        The Delray Rockets (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 15th Feb 2014        Greggi G & His Crazy Gang (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 25th Jan 2014        Livestock Davies & The Lowdown Snakes (Att approx 110)


       Saturday 21st Dec 2013        Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires plus

                                                                  Lee Gocher (Att approx 127)

       Saturday 23rd Nov 2013        Rudy La Crioux & The Allstars plus

                                                                  Josie & The Outlaw (Att approx 133)

       Saturday 19th Oct 2013         Joey & The Jivers (Att approx 124)

       Saturday 21st Sep 2013        Memphis Riders (Att approx 102)

       Saturday 24th Aug 2013        Rock-A-Toon (Att approx 108)

       Saturday 20th Jul 2013          Downtown Daddyo's (Att approx 71)

       Saturday 22nd Jun 2013       Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 123)

       Saturday 25th May 2013       The Unconditionals (Att approx 123)

       Saturday 20th Apr 2013        Glenn Darren & The Krewcatz (Att approx 101)

       Saturday 23rd Mar 2013       Downtown Daddyo's (Att approx 108)

       Saturday 23rd Feb 2013       The Firebirds (Att approx 146)

       Saturday 26th Jan 2013        The Catfish Kings (Att approx 107)


       Saturday 22nd Dec 2012      The Heartbeats (Att approx _???)

       Saturday 24th Nov 2012        The TT's (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 20th Oct 2012         The Lennerockers (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 22nd Sep 2012       Rock Island Rebels (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 18th Aug 2012         The Rapiers (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 22nd July 2012        Midnight Cruisers (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 23rd June 2012       Mike & The Rhythm Stars (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 19th May 2012         The Jets (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 21st Apr 2012          Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 24th Mar 2012         The Kingcats (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 25th Feb 2012          Jive Street (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 21st Jan 2012          The Bobcats (Att approx 130)


       Saturday 17th Dec 2011         Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 26th Nov 2011          Rockin' the Joint (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 22nd Oct 2011         Rock Island Rebels (Att approx 105)

       Saturday 24th Sep 2011          Downtown Daddyo's (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 27th Aug 2011          Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 23rd Jul 2011           Rock Back the Clock (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 25th Jun 2011           Joey & The Jivers plus The Atlantics (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 28th May 2011          The Flames (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 30th Apr 2011           The Sandiago's (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 26th Mar 2011           No Dance due to clash of bookings)

       Saturday 19th Feb 2011           Glenn Darren & The Krewkatz (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 22nd Jan 2011          The Catfish Kings (Att approx 90)


       Saturday 18th Dec 2010           Linda Gail Lewis & Some Like It Hot  (Att approx 90)

       Saturday 20th Nov 2010           Crown Top Kings (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 23rd Oct 2010           The Spitfires plus

                                                                     Lucas & The Dynamos (Att approx 200)

       Saturday 18th Sep 2010           Class of 58 (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 14th Aug 2010           The Roosters (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 24th July 2010           The Firebirds (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 19th June 2010          Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Elvis Night)

                                                                         (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 22nd May 2010          Lights Out (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 17th Apr 2010             Berni Woods & The Forest Fires  (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 20th Mar 2010             Rock Island Rebels (Att approx 110)

       Friday 19th Feb 2010                   The Tonemasters (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 16th Jan 2010              Jive Street (Att approx 125)


       Saturday 19th Dec 2009             The Kingcats plus Abbie Marie (Att approx 200)

       Saturday 28th Nov 2009              Joey & The Jivers (Att approx 135)

       Saturday 24th Oct 2009               The Heartbeats (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 26th Sep 2009              The Revolutionaires (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 29th Aug 2009               Wanderers Duo plus

                                                                         The Tonemasters (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 25th Jul 2009                 Johnny & The Jailbirds plus

                                                                         The Rat Pack (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 20th Jun 2009                The TT's (Att approx 115)

       Saturday 30th May 2009                Danny & The Seniors (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 9th May 2009                  Chris 'Fender' Blacks C'Mon Everybody Show                                                                                                                                                          (Att approx 300)

       Saturday 25th April 2009              Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Attendance approx 180)

       Saturday 21st March 2009            The Atlantics (Attendance approx 200)

       Saturday 14th February 2009      Honey B & The Kings of Sting (Attendance approx 100)

       Friday 9th January 2009                The Flames (Attendance approx 85)


       Saturday 20th December 2008    Charlie Gracie & The Class of 58 (Att approx 220)

       Saturday 8th November 2008       The Lennerockers (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 18th October 2008         Joey & The Jivers (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 27th September 2008    The Juke Box Eddies (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 16th August 2008             The Rhythm Aces (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 5th July 2008                     John Leyton & The Rapiers (Att approx 220)

       Saturday 21st June 2008                  Doomsday Rockers (Att approx 120)

       Friday 16th May 2008                        The Thundertones (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 26th April 2008                 Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 15th March 2008               Meanstreak (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 16th February 2008         The Heartbeats (Att approx ???)

       Saturday 12th January 2008            Jive Street (Att approx 120)


       Saturday 22nd December 2007      Mike Berry & Blast Off (Att approx 180)

       Friday 23rd November 2007           The Heartbeats (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 20th October 2007           The Skyrockers (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 29th September 2007      The Moonshiners (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 25th August 2007              The Spitfires (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 7th July 2007                      Vince Eager and Rockola (Att approx 120)

       Friday 15th June 2007                        The Tonemasters (Att approx 60)

       Saturday 26th May 2007                    Rock Back the Clock (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 21st April 2007                  Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 17th March 2007               The TT's (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 17th February 2007         The Kingcats (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 20th January 2007            Good Rockin' Tonite (Att approx 120)


       Saturday 23rd December 2006       The Jets (Att approx 220)

       Saturday 11th November 2006        The Persuaders (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 28th October 2006            Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 14th October 2006            Sandy Ford & His Flying Saucers                                                                                                                                                                 (Att  approx   150)

       Saturday 23rd September 2006      The Sundowners (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 19th August 2006               Jive Street (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 22nd July 2006                   Chas Hodges Rock 'n Roll Trio plus

                                                                               The Flames (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 24th June 2006                   Meanstreak (Att approx 140)

       Friday 19th May 2006                         The Rockin' Bandits (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 22nd April 2006                 The Lennerockers (Att approx 160)

       Saturday 18th March 2006                The Skyrockers (Att approx 130)

       Saturday 11th February 2006           Fever (Att approx 80)

       Friday 13th January 2006                  The Heartbeats (Att approx 100)


       Saturday 17th December 2005         The Firebirds (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 12th November 2005          Rudy La Crioux and The Allstars (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 8th October 2005                 Rockin' the Joint (Att approx 120)

       Saturday 10th September 2005         The Sugar Bullets (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 6th August 2005                   Mike Berry plus Blast Off (Att approx 210)

       Saturday 16th July 2005                      The Kingcats (Att approx 100)

       Friday 10th June 2005                          The Pontiacs (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 7th May 2005                         Graham Fentons Matchbox plus

                                                                                 The Iain Terry Band  (Att approx 190)

       Saturday 2nd April 2005                      Colin Paul & The Persuaders - Elvis Night                                                                                                                                                                    (Att approx 170)

       Saturday 19th March 2005                  Crazee Jay & The Partytimers  (Att approx 120)

       Friday 11th February 2005                  Reservoir Cats  (Att approx 105)

       Saturday 22nd January 2005             Jive Street  (Att approx 135)


       Saturday 18th December 2004          The Wildkatz  (Att approx 140)

       Saturday 27th November 2004          Jive Romeros  (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 9th October 2004                Darrel Higham & The Enforcers  (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 4th September 2004          Our first and last all dayer including:

        Sandy Fords Flying Saucers,  TheHeartbeats,    Rockin' Bandits

        The Stargazers, Graham Fentons Matchbox, Crazy Cavan and

        his Rhythm Rockers  (Att approx 100)

      Friday 3rd September 2004                 Mark Keeleys Good Rockin' Tonight

                                                                                  (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 7th August 2004                   The Jets (Att approx 230)

       Saturday 17th July 2004                       Blast Off (Att approx 170)

       Saturday 5th June 2004                         Porkys Good Luck Charms (Att approx 110)

       Saturday 8th May 2004                           The Persuaders (Att approx 100)

       Saturday 17th April 2004                       Colin Paul & The Persuaders (Att approx 150)

       Saturday 27th March 2004                    Doomsday Rockers (Att approx 90)

       Friday 12th March 2004                         The Alligators (Att approx 80)

       Saturday 7th February 2004                The Toppkatz (Att approx 120)

       Friday 16th January 2004                     Good Rockin' Tonite (Att approx 140)


        Saturday 6th December 2003              Lee Scotts Jive Mob (Att approx 120)

        Friday 7th November 2003                   The Heartbeats (Att approx 100)

        Saturday 11th October 2003               Jive Street (Att approx 160)

        Saturday 6th September 2003            Greggi G & His Crazy Gang (Att approx 110)

        Saturday 9th August 2003                    The Firebirds + Wee Willie Harris

                                                                                   (Att approx 180)

        Friday 11th July 2003                             Rockin' the Joint (Att approx 120)

        Saturday 7th June 2003                         Johnnie Fox and The Hunters (Att approx 210)

        Saturday 10th May 2003                        Razzle Dazzle (Att approx 120

       Saturday 12th April 2003                      Big Boy Bloater & His Southside Stompers                                                                                                                                                                      (Att approx 135)

        Saturday 29th March 2003                   Marty Wilde & The Wildcats (Att approx 280)

        Saturday 15th March 2003                   Blast Off (Att approx 170)

        Saturday 8th February 2003               The Alligators (Att approx 175)

        Saturday 11th January 2003               The Doomsday Rockers (Att approx 120)


        Saturday 30th November 2002           The Firebirds  (Att approx 210)

        Friday 1st November 2002                  The Rockin' Bandits  (Att approx 80)

        Saturday 12th October 2002            The Wildkatz  (Att approx 130)

Saturday 21st September 2002         The Heartbreakers  (Att approx 110)

Saturday 10th August 2002                Johnny and The  Jailbirds plus

                                                                           The Alligators  (Att approx 200)

Saturday 6th July 2002                        The Persuaders  (Att approx 120)

Saturday 25th May 2002                      Good Rockin' Tonite  (Att approx 160)

Friday 12th April 2002                          The Hearbeats  (Att approx 200)

Saturday 2nd February 2002               Jive Street  (Att approx 130)

August 2001                                            Mark Keeleys Good Rockin' Tonight

                                                                            (Att approx 200)


Back in the early 60's Melksham Assembly Hall was prolific with the music of the time thanks to "Pauls Pops" and other promotors:

31st August 1964                          The Applejacks

2nd December 1963                     The Merseybeats

25th November 1963                    The Spotniks

28th October 1963                        The Searchers

21st October 1963                         Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers

9th September 1963                      Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas

26th August 1963                          Sounds Incorporated

19th August 1963                          Jet Harris & The Jet Blacks

22nd April 1963                             Billie Davis

23rd March 1963                           Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds

22nd October 1962                       The Barron Knights

15th October 1962                        Shane Fenton & The Fentones

27th August 1962                          Joe Brown & The Bruvvers

9th July 1962                                 Brian Poole & The Tremeloes

28th August 1961                          Billy Fury & The Blue Flames

3rd July 1961                                 Cliff Bennett & The Rebelrousers

27th February 1961                       Marty Wilde & The Wildcats

30th January 1961                        Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

16th January 1961                        Terry Dene

3rd October 1960                         Vince Eager & The Moontrekkers


These are all the records we have currently available.   If anyone has anything else please let us know.

Please note: Some of these bands appeared more than once. (Cliff Bennett x 5, Barron Knights x 3)

This site is dedicated to the memory of:

Pauline Scott who was our membership secretary from 2002.   She lost her fight with cancer in May 2004

she will always be in our minds. 

John Johnstone who was our fantastic doorman, died unexpectedly from a heart attack in December 2007.   He will always be in our thoughts as we enter the hall, and may his memory live on.

Also all those members we have lost over the years.


                                        Pauline with Marty Wilde            John Johnstone                 Anne Johnstone



Contacts for more detail:: 

Geoff: +44 (0)1225 706463 /  07779 330042 /

Venue: 01225 709887


"Let's Keep Wiltshire Rocking!!"

Melksham Rock 'n' Roll, 2002